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Frequently Asked Questions About Color Contact Lenses

Dailies colors

What are DAILIES® COLORS contact lenses?

DAILIES® COLORS are daily disposable contact lenses that feature color enhancement and a unique eye-defining outer ring to make eyes appear bigger and brighter. Available in four beautiful colors*, DAILIES® COLORS may be your favorite tool in your beauty bagmay be your favorite tool in your beauty bag.

What prescriptions are available for DAILIES® COLORS contact lenses?

Your eye care professional can determine the contact lens and correction that are best for you.  DAILIES® COLORS contact lenses are available in plano (no vision correction), -0.50D to -6.00D (0.25D steps), -6.50D to -8.00D (0.50D steps) prescriptions. DAILIES® COLORS contact lenses are not available with astigmatism correction.

How do you care for DAILIES® COLORS contact lenses?

DAILIES® COLORS contact lenses are single-use, disposable lenses, providing a fresh, clean pair every day.  There is no rubbing, cleaning or overnight storage required.

Mystic Green has a less defined outer ring as compared to other colors. 

*Mystic Green is also available as Green within the FreshLook® One-Day Color contact lenses portfolio.